Saturday, October 15, 2016

Dear Blood Donors, Thanks for the times that you've given us! (Teachers giving back...)

Imagine all the treasured moments people have experienced because of the generosity of blood donors! 

When I was expecting my first child, my father was battling cancer. Due to blood donors (whose identity I will never know), he received transfusions that extended his life and allowed him to see his first grandchild smile. Thanks to those donors, I got to see my son reach up to grab my father's hand and walk with him. Priceless!

I drove by a sign the other day stating how low the blood supply currently is. It had been a long time since I donated, so I stopped in. Less than an hour later, I was on my way. The next day, I felt a sense of rejuvenation. It wasn't just an altruistic feeling. I truly felt like my own health was a bit better than it had been before I stopped. 

So - I started looking into the health benefits of donating blood. The latest research suggests that donating blood can help reduce the risk of both heart attacks and stroke.  As I searched, numerous articles pointed to links between good health and giving blood. 

My father's birthday would be this week. In his memory, I'd planned to offer $15 of resources to my Teachers pay Teachers shop to teachers who see this and decide to share the gift of life by donating blood. (Where I live, the American Red Cross makes it quick and easy.)

I'm absolutely thrilled that a group of my TpT friends have decided to join me to support this cause! Together, we'd like to offer $15 of materials to each of the first hundred teachers to see this and decide to donate.  Click on the pictures and logos below to browse through the shops of educators who are offering materials.

It's simple to participate:
  1. Click here to pledge your donation and find helpful information about blood drives in your area. 
  2. Set up an appointment and donate blood through the Red Cross (or the organization that serves your area). 
  3. Browse through our shops and pick the item(s) that would be most helpful to you.  
  4. Send an email to documenting your donation. Include links to the items of your choice.  
To document your donation, you could send a picture of your appointment summary sheet (given to you as you leave), a picture of yourself with your sticker saying "I donated blood today!" or the location of your donation along with the first six numbers of your donation identification number. 

The files you have selected will be emailed directly to you. We hope the resources we have created will save you a bit of precious time while also showing our appreciation for your participation!
Thanks for stopping by and for considering this.  Here's hoping those you love never need blood - but that it's available if any of them do!

Sincerely,  Anne Gardner