As Hearts Break, All Across America

All across America, hearts break for George Floyd, his family, and all who came before him. 

This is a time to stand up and speak. . . 

To speak out against racism, to speak out against discrimination, wherever it is found.  

This classic quote is far too appropriate today:  

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee (John Donne).  

A needless death diminishes everything we stand for.  

We know better.  We must do better. 
Thank you, Maya Lou Angelou, for the sentiment. 

As teacher authors, we have a responsibility. 

A responsibility to be inclusive in our writing. 

A responsibility to represent what should be. 

A responsibility to do our very best to show people of all races and genders, and all who have faced discrimination, in positive roles:  

As doctors, as scientists, as authors, and as engineers.

As artists, as architects, as agricultural specialists, and as attorneys.  

As problem-solvers, as teachers, as thinkers, and as doers. 

I want to give you a peek into what I am seeing in the community of teacher authors. 

Many of us belong to a number of very active groups. 

In these groups, I see a focus on creating materials that are inclusive and represent all students. 

I see teachers sharing reading recommendations through which we can educate ourselves so we can effectively become a part of the solution.  

I have seen teacher authors called out for unintentional insensitivities. 

I watched as those authors pulled those materials down, read, learned, revised, and made them better.

I learned as those authors shared their experiences, to help us all become more aware and inclusive. 

I would like to send a huge thanks to the artists who share their work through TpT. 

The vast majority of them are now including a variety of skin tones in each resource they offer. 

In doing so, they are helping teacher authors create better, more inclusive materials. 

An Invitation:

I understand it is not your job to educate me. 

But, if ever you find a resource which I offer that is insensitive, I'd greatly appreciate if you'd let me know. 

In each of our shops, there is an "Ask a Question" button. I dare say I speak for teacher authors in saying we would appreciate knowing if our materials could be modified to be more inclusive in some way we had not realized. 

A Wish for All of Us, on this dark day. . . 
May we never stop standing up against discrimination, wherever it may be found, and - working together - may we make a positive change. 

For -“The time is always right to do what is right.” (Martin Luther King, Jr.) 


  1. Thank you for this powerful and much appreciated post. Your comments are constructive, engaging and thought provoking during a time when honest reflection and change is so needed. You have always been and continue to be a positive resource to the community and my practice. Thank you.

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