Writing Ideas

I Can Write a Story

Here's a simple, free writing form and poem that I find helpful for my reluctant writers. 

We read the poem together. I ask the student what he/she will write about and fill the topic in for the student. (While reading this poem, I reinforce- and have my kids highlight- the following sight words: write, story, what, will.) These are words that my Kindergarten kids will need to read for the text reading assessment at the end of the year. 

The student then sketches a quick picture about their chosen topic prior to writing. 

My kids who are overwhelmed looking at a larger section for writing are often proud to completely fill these few lines! (We can always add more space later . . . )

I am finding this short, concise form useful. I hope you do too! Thanks for visiting and taking a look! 


Click here to download:  I Can Write A Story!