Harvest Sensory Learning!

Adding a simple sensory component to lessons can bring such joy and engagement!  Here are a few simple ideas for quickly adding a sensory component to early literacy lessons. 

I love doing letter/sound sorts with kids.  In this case, we'd talk about the /p/ sound as in pig and the /m/ sound as in mouse.   Then kids sort the objects - both magnetic letters and "tiny treasures" - onto the letter cards.  

Just hiding the objects in a bin of corn and having kids reach in and take the first thing they touch adds a whole new component!

There's something so appealing about corn.  Ever reach into a bin?   I live in rural upstate New York, where we can just stop by the feed store to pick up a bag of corn.  But, corn from the grocery store works just as well.  (It doesn't take much to fill a small plastic bin.)  

As kids work with sight words, the letters to form a few words can be hidden in the bin of corn. Here's a simple game to play:  
Provide a few word cards. 
Kids reach in, take a letter and place it on the word card.  
When they complete a word, they read it and keep the card.  
Adding a writing component is a snap ~ kids can record the words they "won" in this simple game.  

If you don't have a bag of corn, a bin of rice works just a well!

Did these pictures trigger more ideas for simple sensory experiences that support literacy lessons?   If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts.  

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!  I'm collecting simple ideas to make learning fun for kids.  I hope you'll check out my Pinterest page and consider following along with me.  :) Anne Gardner


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