Highlighting Strips - How Handy!

Many of my youngest readers are now transitioning to Level C and D text.  As they do, I need them to move beyond constantly finger pointing and begin "reading with their eyes" but some of them need an in-between step.
I've found that simple highlighting strips work wonders for many of these kids! As kids read independently or participate in guided reading groups, they highlight the line of text they are reading. (It's quick and simple to slide these strips from line to line.)

As we read poetry, do word work or complete reading comprehension lessons, kids use their highlighting strips to show me they are with me. 

These strips can also be used to highlight a child's answer to comprehension questions!
If you have a couple sheets of the film used for overhead projectors - or sleeve protectors - and a color printer, you have everything you need to make these!

Just set the background color to yellow and print.  One sheet makes 15 - 20 highlighting strips, depending on   
how wide you choose to cut them.  

As a Response to Intervention teacher, I find that many of my First and Second Graders also benefit from using these simple strips.  Kids who often lose their place or whose eyes "slip" down a line while reading often focus much better when I provide a highlighter strip for them.  

Have ideas related to highlighting sections of text?  I'd love to hear about them.  Thanks for stopping by! Anne