Have you seen Literactive? Wow!

So ~ I finally found the free literacy website of my dreams! I just have to share it with you . . . . 

Literactive offers, by far, the best free collection of guided reading books that I have ever seen! I read through each book and each one made me smile. They are well-written with just a little animation added in to hold children's attention.  

Kids can choose to hear the story read to them, or can read on their own. This picture shows one page from a Level One book.  

Kids can click on a word to hear it read.  If they double click, many words are broken down phonetically for them. 

The books are written for Guided Reading Levels A - E. However, below you will see a book from the Guided Reading Level E section. With the compound words and text structures presented in this text, I am comfortable saying that these books are awesome for the entire first half of First Grade!

There's a whole section called "Learning Activities."  In this section, there are about one hundred games.  I'm still exploring and loving what I see!  The picture below shows a crossword activity that I even enjoy playing. 

There's also a section called "Road to Reading." Click on this road and you will find activities for each letter of the alphabet and nearly every early literacy skill. The picture below shows a sentence building activity. Kids hear a sentence read and then put the words in order to make the sentence.      

Registration is required to access this site.  The process was quick and easy. I received my password within one minute of registering. 

I have to give credit to "Being Inspired" on Teachers pay Teachers for pointing me to this site. I posted on the forum asking for suggestions as I was preparing to share with parents at our Curriculum Night. She pointed me to this site and I am soooo grateful!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy exploring this site and that you stop back again soon! I'd also like to invite you to follow along with me at Common Core Connection on Pinterest  where I love sharing ideas that get kids exciting about learning.         

:) Anne


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