Group Decision Making

Group decision making ~ it can be so tough!

From little decisions like where the family is going for dinner to significant policy decisions in our schools, it can be a grueling process.

Today, I want to share my all-time favorite tool for group decision making.

First, the group has to define the options. Once that's done, it's simple. The options are written down. Each group member gets a set number of chips (or any small object).

Each group member "weighs in" on the decision by placing chips on their choice of option(s). The beauty of this is, no group member has to choose a single option. Going out to eat, I may be torn between going for Italian or Mexican food. I could put an equal number of chips on both choices.

Once all group members have placed their chips, the chips are added up and the choice most often becomes clear.

I like it so much better than a simple vote - and sometimes trying to reach a consensus just doesn't work.

This can work for groups of students ~ they can "weigh in" to decide what book to read next in a literature circle or what treat to have for a class celebration.

It works beautifully with families, and I think it is also a great option for groups such as policy boards.

Do you have twists on decision making that work for you? If so, I'd love to hear about them!

Thanks for stopping by!    :) Anne


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