Guided Reading (RtI) Lesson - Level C

One thing I've always enjoyed, but didn't often get to do, was to watch other teachers present lessons. I just came across this guided reading video. So - I decided to share it in hopes that it might be a conversation starter. 

I think these kids are just great and I hope you enjoy watching them read, build words and talk about books! (Sorry the resolution isn't better.  I had to compress it three times to get it small enough to load here.)

This is a 20 minute guided reading lesson. Watching the video, I thought of ten questions (below) that I'd consider while evaluating this lesson. If you'd like a copy of these questions, click here.

If you have other ideas for questions to ask ourselves as we complete lessons, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment below.

If anyone else wants to join in and share a lesson, just let me know. I would be happy to add your video here! (Imagine having a collection of videos to watch? As much as I have an aversion to seeing myself on film, it seems worth sharing a lesson with all my cyberfriends.) 

 Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!    :) Anne Gardner

1 comment:

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