Three Reasons to Visit "My Purchases" on TpT and Info on EASEL (the new TpT digital tool)

Hi Teaching Friends, 

As the Back to School Season approaches, I'd like to share three reasons to visit "My Purchases" within your TpT Account. 

To get to this section of your account, go to the TpT homepage, and click on your name (or account name). A drop-down menu will appear. "My Purchases" is one of the options in the middle column. 

1) Many teacher authors frequently update and enhance resources. Enhancing text and graphics, adding an ink-saving black and white option, and setting resources up for use with the new TpT Digital Tool have been my main areas of focus for the past six months!


Once you have purchased a resource, you will always have access to these revisions - at no additional charge. 

Scrolling through the resources you have purchased, a Newly Updated - Download for Free message will appear below any resources which have been revised since you last downloaded them. 

Download the current versions of those files to enjoy the latest additions and enhancements! 

2) By reviewing resources you have purchased, you can earn credits for use on future purchases.  

Just below the title of each resource, you'll see either a note thanking you for reviewing the item, or a note inviting you to do so now. 

3) This is a great time to scroll through the resources you have purchased, and consider how they would best fit into your plans.

Personally, I have purchased over 300 resources on TpT. I've decided to scroll through this list at least twice a year. Each time I do, I am reminded of resources which have not been top of mind, but could be very useful.


A Quick Note About EASEL by TpT (the New TpT Digital Tool):

If you use Google Classroom (which is free and easy to set up), you can assign activities directly to students using the new TpT Digital Tool. 

This tool will work with any PDF resource in my shop. There is never an additional charge for using this tool. This applies to past and current purchases. 

You can access this tool directly through the resource page.  

Click on the image below, to go to a FREE sample resource through which to check out this digital tool.





First, download this free resource to gain access to the digital tool.  

Under Download Now, there will be a button for the TpT Digital Activity.

If you click this button, it will take you to the digital resource. 

I have added answer boxes. You can customize the activity by adding additional instructions, modifying or deleting the answer boxes I have inserted, and selecting which pages to assign to your students. 

A sample page from this activity is below. 



Interested in learning more about this tool?

Click here or on the image below to access TpT's Getting Started Guide.  

If you decide to try this out, please let me know if you have any questions.  

TpT is continually adding features to this tool. I am also learning how to set resources up to make them most useful. 

Wishing you all the best throughout these tricky and ever-changing times. 

Anne Gardner




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  15. "My Purchases" on TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers) is a section on the TpT website where users can access and manage their purchased resources. Here are three reasons why you might want to visit "My Purchases" on TpT:

    Easy Access to Your Purchased Resources: "My Purchases" provides a convenient way to access all the teaching resources you have purchased on TpT. Instead of searching through various emails or files on your computer, you can simply visit this section to find and download the materials you need.

    Redownload and Retrieve Files: If you accidentally delete a purchased resource or misplace the file, "My Purchases" allows you to easily redownload and retrieve the materials. This is particularly helpful if you change devices or need to access the resources at a later time.

    Updates and Revisions: Many TpT sellers regularly update and revise their resources based on feedback and improvements. By visiting "My Purchases," you can check if any of the resources you've purchased have been updated or revised. This ensures that you have the latest version of the materials, which may include additional content, corrections, or enhancements.

    As for EASEL, it is a new digital tool offered by TpT. Spotify Vanced

  16. "My Purchases" on TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers) is a valuable section for educators who use the platform. Here are three reasons why you should visit "My Purchases":

    Access and organize your purchased resources: "My Purchases" allows you to conveniently access all the resources you have purchased on TpT. It serves as a centralized location where you can view, download, and organize your educational materials. This feature makes it easy to locate resources whenever you need them, saving you time and effort.

    Stay updated with product updates and revisions: When you access "My Purchases," you can see if any of the resources you've purchased have been updated or revised by the sellers. This is particularly helpful as many resource creators often refine their materials based on feedback or to add new content. By visiting "My Purchases" regularly, you can stay informed about these updates and ensure you are using the most current versions of the resources you have.

    Leave feedback and reviews: Another benefit of visiting "My Purchases" is the opportunity to leave feedback and reviews for the resources you have used. By providing feedback, you can help other educators make informed decisions about the quality and usefulness of the materials. Additionally, leaving feedback can also be beneficial for the resource creators, as they appreciate receiving feedback on their work and may even provide you with updates or additional resources as a token of appreciation.

    Regarding EASEL, it is a digital tool introduced by TpT that allows educators to create interactive, digital activities for their students. Here's some information about EASEL

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